Business Plan Financial Feasibility vs Presentation

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As a envisaged new entrepreneur looking to start your own business or invest into a going concern. With the simplistic Search Optimisation Engines (SOE) accessing business plan templates for free or at a cost has become available to entrepreneurs at a click of a button. There business plan variation is visual appealing, has the basic of a Business Plan 101 and attracts the untrained entrepreneur.

As business plans become more commercially available over the counter which everyone appears to become a sales individual specialist of business plans, what entrepreneurs should look out for is the ability to focus on the following:

  1. The ability to access finance from the local country;
    1. owners equity contribution vs collateral on offer;
    2. business valuation if acquiring shares in a going concern;
  2. The competitive variable in country;
  3. The ability to bring into account all costs to calculate total Weight Average Cost of Capital (WACC) especially for Import or Export effected companies direct or indirect;
  4. The sales individual of the business plan provides no form of comfit or guarantee for the business plan to access;
  5. The request for 100% pre-payment for the business plan;

The guarantee of a business plan is critical irrespective if it will be utilised to access funding or for operational efficiencies which a procurement of a template/s or from an sales individual or organization without any guarantee or access or funding or utilised as a operation efficiency is warning signs prior to outflow of your cash.

Does your business plan come with any guarantee of success?