About us


Wellastone Holdings (WH) is a 100% black owned enterprise which was established in 2006. The founding member and CEO Shane Naidoo has been in the financial and mentorship industry for numerous years with strong business acumen, credit structuring & financing, marketing, strategy, and supply chain & project management background.

The company through extensive engagement in the structured commodity and factoring environment expanded their skills attributes and product set into becoming Precious Metals and Commodity Traders. WH and its investors emanated out of a financial environment with emphasis on Trade Finance. The company has liquidated commodity and precious metal transaction IRO of Imports, Exports and Merchanting transaction respectively in numerous industries and sectors.


To be recognized as one of the leading service providers in the Advisory, Commodity trading & wholesalers supported by bespoke working capital financing with the SADC fraternity.


WH has extensive experience in deals structuring and business process reengineering focused on EME, QSE enterprises and will provide advisory as per their individual requirements from A – Z. There is currently a hand-full of organisations that perform the same combined service to EME an QSE respectively the difference between these organisations and WH is that WH is not looking to exploit the target market through massive mark-ups as it understands the PDIs historical challengers to entrance into the market and caters for the PDIs that have no or marginal owner equity or collateral limitations respectively, thereby gaining their trust in assisting them to start investing in their own business irrespective of the Living Standard Measure (LSM) levels. This should increase their living standards as most of lower income earners live below the breadline and are dependent on National and Local governmental opportunities to improve their living standards and quality of life. WH also focuses on sourcing new strategic partners to increase its value-chain of service to the envisaged target market!


Mr. Naidoo is a multicurrency & multicounty financing, business reengineering specialist and mentor by nature that has numerous years of expertise in both the private and public sector. Previously he held several management positions at large Banks and Developmental Institutions and had presence on Banking councils (BASA) committees as well as equity fund Investment Committee (IC). Mr. Naidoo has been instrumental in the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), New Companies Act (NCA) and BEE Charter legislation geared at the target market. He is a specialist in the BEE Codes of Good Practice (Codes 100 – 800) to facilitate black business transformation directed at corporate BEE obligations. The business employs a team of subject specialist on a permanent and temporary basis.

  • Accredited Debt Counselor
  • H.Dip – Project Management
  • B.Com – Risk Management
  • Hons Degree