Recommended for MBO / MBI / and financiers / investors requiring to quantify their equity position

Calculation of Value (V-Lite)

A Calculation of Value valuation report produces business value in a summary format. It incorporates three valuation methodologies. This type of valuation produces a basic indication of value. This report is 5 pages. (No site inspection)

 Limited Appraisal Report (LAR)

This valuation report is a limited scope business valuation that considers basic value drivers to produce a semi-formal report. This business valuation also contains a post-sale cash-flow analysis, a return on investment analysis and a DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) analysis. The report is 8 – 30 page

Comprehensive Appraisal Report (CAR )

An appraisal is a comprehensive business valuation that incorporates broad and complex business reviews, financial reviews and analysis. This valuation is very accurate and very defensible. The appraisal business valuation provides insights into the performance of a company and explores the value of a business from different true fair market value. The report is 35 – 45 pages


  • Establishment of Supply Chain Solutions
  • Business process engineering
  • Policy development
  • Change management and skills transfer
  • Structured Trade & Commodity Financial solutions
  • Recourse and non-recourse versus ownership structures
  • Disclosed and non-disclosed facilities
  • Legal perfection


Due Diligence & Site reports

  • This would assist task teams to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the potential applicant
  • Expands on the concept look, assess and interpret
  • Data mining and source application
  • Risk identification
  • Assessment of the micro and macro trading environment
  • Systems & policies
  • Social platforms & media assessment
  • Document authentication
  • Practical assessments

 Credit & Investment Decisions for financiers

  • How to interpret data
  • When to apply suspensive conditions
  • What controls and monitoring to apply
  • When to refer back or decline deals
  • What should you have when prior to approving applications into specialized sectors & industries
  • How to apply your mandate swiftly
  • Credit disciples & industry norms
  • Importance of cash management
  • Utilization of funds and source of repayment
  • Comprehension of legalities or equity versus debt structures
  • Working capital
  • Practical assessments
  • Business growth

 Deal Selection & Negotiation (For the Deal makers / Transactors) Sales Teams

  • How to manage clients expectations
  • How to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis
  • What documents to call for and how to interpret
  • Early detection of client integrity, transparency and potential fraud
  • Practical assessments
  • Negotiation tactics
  • How & when to acquire information
  • How to achieve swifter deal turnaround time
  • How to improve deal hit ratio

Unlocking Effective Working Capital Solutions (For strategic Financiers)

  • Trade finance
  • Debtor finance & selective invoice discounting
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Inventory management
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Improving GP margins
  • Reducing Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Savvy purchasing
  • Cash discounts versus creditor terms
  • What does a financer require
  • Governance & Legislation
  • Sovereign and country risk
  • Globalized Businesses
  • Foreign loans


Business Counseling
Objective of business counseling is to diagnose and overcome challengers and to improve efficiencies to capitalize on market opportunities to grow your business to the next level


  • To identify problems and their origination
  • To measure performance against predetermined milestones
  • To develop actions plans and risk mitigation to create efficiencies
  • These are hourly based sessions and short term of nature

Business Mentorship
Definition of business mentorship is ongoing long term relationship between and experienced business advisor and a business venture through various life stages of the business. Objective places emphasis on the development of both managerial and entrepreneurial skills attributes of the key individuals with the rational of skills and information dissemination.


  • To disclose a vast range of subject matters with the supply chain of the industry specific business venture
  • To hand-hold the entrepreneur and pass essential skills transfer to the key individuals to ensure competency and more importantly disciple levels are achieved and maintained

Legal Advisory & Drafting
Objective is to engage with clients prior to enter into financial agreements or related Purchase and Sale agreements to ensure their contractual obligations are safeguarded, protect and decipher the legal jargon for easy comprehension.

These legal services would include drafting of the following documents

  • Drafting of all related legal agreements
  • Drafting of resolutions
  • Drafting of trust agreements
  • Drafting and renewing of employment contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing of all workplace related policies
  • Disciplinary policies
  • Codes of conduct
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Remuneration policies, etc.

Limited Due Diligence
The purpose of a due diligence is focused on management buy outs or buy in (MBO / MBI) or for financiers / private equity investors that require an impartial limited due diligence report on all facets of the business venture to determine the feasibility prior to making an investment decision by all counterparties involved. Majority of the time when an MBO / MBI is required the selling price is always questioned and negotiated to swap equity for debt or vice verse this can be quantified by determining what can investors / financiers place reliance on and what type of valuation model to adopt to establish a fair value selling or investment price.

Risk Focuses

  • Pitfalls in buying businesses
  • The due diligence investigation
  • Due diligence reporting IIR-Legal issues
  • Due diligence reporting-Ethical aspects-IIR
  • Creditor / Debtor claims
  • Leakages / shrinkages


Business plan drafting has become one of the fastest growing quick rich money making schemes, the opinion emanates from the lack of content of drafting a generic business plan or business plan drafter not willing to provide the promoter with any form of guarantee on the success of obtaining the following objectives

  • To obtain access to finance
  • To serve and an internal operations manual
  • Utilized as a tool to reduce and mitigate risk
  • WH business plans are customized accordingly to sector, industry and the mandate of the envisage financier which WH are content to provide a guarantee in success to avail the promoter of the quality thereof. Customized company profiles are drafted in correlation to the client requirements.


WH in correlation with the drafting of customized business plans has an extensive person network of financiers within various specific industry mandates. Through and engagement with clients we determine the feasibility of the clients requirements compared to the financiers criteria to ensure a funding match. WH will defer their capital raising fee to upon site of approval or / and implementation.

We have experienced restructuring capabilities in but not limited to

  • Seed & expansion capital
  • Business loans
  • Structured Trade Finance
  • Franchising & Tourism
  • Agriculture Agro-processing
  • Leverage Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Selected Invoice and Debtor Financing
  • Asset based finance
  • Discounting
  • FX & Derivatives, etc
  • The fee is calculated on a percentage based on the quantum of work to be concluded and complexity thereof.


There is numerous government programmes to improve the competitive advantage of business ventures. Government has established donor funding programmes which is non-repayable to serve as a lack of or shortfall of equity, reduce debt funding or improve the capabilities of local business ventures.

The grants (donor funding) is available in various industries with majority emphasis on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) who have the ability to create job opportunities and indirectly reduce poverty elevation.

Through our business advisors the grants are applied accordingly to criteria and strategic alignment to access to funding structures.


Investors in any form are concerned and tight-fisted to invest in a unknown industry or sector to them, therefore WH offers experienced research advisors who conduct comprehensive feasibility studies in sector specific industries with factual statements supported by a market analysis which will inform the promoter with compelling information to make an informed decision either for investments, risk purposes or macro factors respectively. These services are detailed and complied over a period.

  • Registration of PTY’s, Trusts, NPC etc
  • Business Plans & Company Profiles
  • Product, Policy and Compliance Development
  • Registration for TAX , VAT, TCC, PAYE, UIF
  • Deal structuring & Capital Raising
  • Limited Due Diligence, Debt Counseling & Mentorship
  • Business Process Reengineering & Change Management
  • Company Polices, Business Acumen & Soft Skills Training
  • Corporate Facilitator, Entrepreneurial Workshops & Motivational Speaker
  • Business Advisory Services: Equity, Venture Capital, Enterprise Development Investments, Leveraging Stakeholders or Fund Management; (BEE Codes 100 – 800)
  • EME – BEE Certificates & Affidavits
  • Business Risk Assessment reports & Feasibility studies
  • Commercial Legal Advisory & Services; Company Policy drafting & Validation
  • Comprehensive Commercial Business Insurance e.g. (Key Risk-man, Commercial Insurance, GIT, GIW and Debtor Insurance)
  • Government Grants / incentive applications
  • Marine / GIT through-put Insurance
  • International Clearing & Forwarding
  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management
  • Bonded Warehousing