Business Counseling

Objective of business counseling is to diagnose and overcome challengers and to improve efficiencies to capitalize on market opportunities to grow your business to the next level


  • To identify problems and their origination;
  • To measure performance against predetermined milestones;
  • To develop actions plans and risk mitigation to create efficiencies;

These are hourly based sessions and short term of nature

Business Mentorship

Definition of business mentorship is ongoing long term relationship between and experienced business advisor and a business venture through various life stages of the business.

Objective places emphasis on the development of both managerial and entrepreneurial skills attributes of the key individuals with the rational of skills and information dissemination.


  • To disclose a vast range of topics with the supply chain of the industry specific business venture;
  • To hand-hold the entrepreneur and pass essential skills transfer to the key individuals to ensure competency and more importantly disciple levels are achieved and maintained;

Legal Advisory & Drafting

Objective is to engage with clients prior to enter into a financial agreement or related Purchase and Sale agreements to ensure their contractual obligations, protected and decipher the legal jargon for easy comprehension.

These legal services would include drafting of the following documents:

  • Drafting of all related legal agreements;
  • Drafting of resolutions;
  • Drafting of trust agreements;
  • Drafting and renewing of employment contracts;
  • Drafting and reviewing of all workplace related policies:
    • Disciplinary policies;
    • Codes of conduct;
    • Sexual harassment policies;
    • Remuneration policies; etc.

Limited Due Diligence

The purpose of a due diligence is focused on management buy outs or buy in (MBO / MBI) or for financiers / private equity investors that require an impartial limited due diligence report on all facets of the business venture to determine the feasibility prior to making an investment decision by all counterparties involved.

Majority of the time when an MBO / MBI is required the selling price is always questioned and negotiated to swap equity for debt or vice verse this can be quantified by determining what can investors / financiers place reliance on and what type of valuation model to adopt to establish a fair value selling or investment price.

Risk Focus

  • Pitfalls in buying businesses
  • The due diligence investigation;
  • Due diligence reporting IIR-Legal issues
  • Due diligence reporting-Ethical aspects-IIR
  • Creditor / Debtor claims;
  • Leakages / shrinkages;

What is a Business Strategy?

Textbooks sometimes define business strategy simply as a firm’s high-level plan for reaching specific business objectives. Strategic plans succeed when they lead to business growth, a strong competitive position, and strong financial performance. When the high-level strategy fails, however, the firm must either change its approach or prepare to go out of business.