Wellastone Holdings assist Business to facilitate the sale of their business through Merges and acquisitions, Corporate Strategy and finance. With over 200-years of consolidated Corporate Banking & industry experience, Wellastone Holding assists Businesses in their growth and Global expansion with emphasis on

Business Brokerage

Business advertisement & qualification of Purchasers. Merges & acquisitions, Business Valuation & sale. Management buyout or buy-ins and commercial funding thereof. Change management

Business Strategy & Advisory

Wellastone assists with a domestic & Global strategies, international market alignment to best practices. From downstream & upstream holistic integration to create a more efficient value chain to improve profitability. Supported by ongoing strategic execution

Global Treasury Agents

Wellastone assists clients will cross-border collections, currency management, Compliance, Foreign Direct Investments / Loans, liquidity management to provide comfit to shareholders, mitigate currency exposure and maximise returns. With a trusted alliance network in logistics, Freight, Warehousing, insurance, Financiers & Banks, aids our Business partners with simple, flexible cost efficient solutions. Global Skills transfer is available on site to ensure in-house skills competency.

Corporate Funding Structures

Wellastone creates bespoke cost efficient debt funding structures, unlocks grants to support growth and increase shareholder value. In lien of the business strategy supported by Global expansion debt funding can be unlocked in different countries with A-rated Multinational Banks and private equity financiers.