Business plan drafting has become one of the fastest growing quick rich money making scheme, the opinion emanates from the lack of content of drafting a generic business plan or business plan drafter no willing to provide the promoter with any form of guarantee on the success of obtaining the following objectives:

  • To obtain access to finance;
  • To serve and an internal operations manual;
  • Utilised as a tool to reduce and mitigate risk;

WCMSA business plans are customised accordingly to sector, industry and the mandate of the envisage financier which WCMSA are content to provide a guarantee in success to avail the promoter of the quality thereof.

Customised company profiles are drafted in correlation to the client requirement.


WCMSA in correlation with the drafting of customised business plans has an extensive person network of financiers within various specific industry mandates. Through and engagement with clients we determine the feasibility of the clients requirements compared to the financiers criteria to ensure a funding match.

WCMSA will defer their capital raising fee to upon site of approval or / and implementation.

We have experienced restructuring capabilities in but not limited to:

  • Seed & expansion capital;
  • Business loans;
  • Structured Trade Finance;
  • Franchising & Tourism;
  • Agriculture Agro-processing;
  • Leverage Finance;
  • Private Equity;
  • Selected Invoice and Debtor Financing;
  • Asset based finance;
  • Derivatives; etc

The fee is calculated on a percentage based on the quantum of work to be concluded and complexity thereof.


There is numerous government programmes to improve the competitive advantage of business ventures. Government has established donor funding programmes which is non-repayable to serve as a lack of or shortfall of equity, reduce debt funding or improve the capabilities of local business ventures.

The grants (donor funding) is available in various industries with majority emphasis on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) who have the ability to create job opportunities and indirectly reduce poverty elevation.

Through our business advisors the grants are applied accordingly to criteria and strategic alignment to access to funding structures.


Investors in any form are concerned and tight-fisted to invest in a unknown industry or sector to them, therefore WCMSA offers experienced research advisors who conduct comprehensive feasibility studies in sector specific industries with factual statements supported by a market analysis which will inform the promoter with compelling information to make an informed decision either for investments, risk purposes or macro factors respectively.

These services are detailed and complied over a period.