Business Checklist

  1. CIPC founding statements;
  2. Valid TCC and or VAT Certificate;
  3. List of Least / HP / Rental Agreements;
  4. Banking Details;
  5. Shareholders Confirmation;
  6. List of Employee contracts;
    • Please specific employee equity demographics for BEE standards
    • BEE certificate or Affidavit if available;
  7. List of insurance policies and their Policy values and numbers;
  8. Guarantees (Property Guarantees, etc.)
  9. Asset register;
  10. Stock / Inventory register with slow moving or obsolete stock;
  11. Existing or Potential liability claims;
  12. Reason for sale of business;
  13. Business Profile;
    • SWOT analysis;


  1. Last 3 years financial statements;
  2. Updated Management accounts;
  3. 36-months forecast;
    • Please include accumulated monthly cash on hand;
  4. Summarized debtors & creditors age analysis;
    • Are the debtors perhaps insured;
  5. Order Book vs Pipeline;
  6. List of existing contracts & expiry dates;
  7. List of personal expenses going through the business if any;
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